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It is a popular joke on the mạng internet that “Romeo and Juliet” isn’t a love story. It is the story of two teenagers who had a 3-day affair & caused the deaths of many. With our new-age sensibilities, most of us can agree with that statement. The movie “Rosaline” tries to put its own spin on the story & the statement by introducing it through the lens of the jilted lover. But it falls short somewhere.” Romeo & Juliet” is a Shakespearean tragedy that has been done lớn death already. The movie tried to vị something new by making Rosaline one of the ‘Not like Other Girls’. Despite the obvious eye roll, we might have accepted that if they had been successful in making it about her. But they still confined her entire story arc to the love story. We are not saying it wasn’t entertaining, but it could have been so much more. It could have genuinely been a different story, but alas, another opportunity was lost khổng lồ the cause of ‘playing it safe.’ Allow us to explain ourselves better through the story.

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Spoilers Ahead

How Does Rosaline Become A Part Of Romeo & Juliet’s Love Story?

As we all know, Romeo was originally smitten by Rosaline. She was also a Capulet và definitely liked him back. Her nurse, Janet, is aware of it & is supportive while still throwing around the sass. Rosaline wants to be a cartographer, but her father is upset that she is not getting married và doing the duties of a “good daughter & woman.” She claims she wants adventure và passion in life, & that is why she doesn’t want to lớn marry any of the men her father sets her up with. All of this coincides with Romeo telling Rosaline that he loves her, but she is instantly tongue-tied. There is no ‘I love you too’, and Romeo is leaving, but Rosaline stops him & asks him to come lớn the Capulet Ball so that they can spend some time together. But right before the ball, her father brings trang chủ another suitor for her—Dario Penza. Can we just say we are fans? Good choice, Adrian. But Rosaline wants lớn get lớn the ball so that she can spend time with Romeo and confess her feelings in return. Dario seems to lượt thích her và offers to lớn escort her. On their way, they are caught up on the boat and unable khổng lồ reach on time. She tells him that she has a boyfriend, and Dario lets her know that he would have backed off if she had started with that. Anyway, Rosaline arrives an hour late to lớn the ball, & everyone has already left. Romeo has fallen in love with Juliet at first sight, & Rosaline is in for a rude shock.

In the next scene, we see that she is worried about not having heard from him. Her cousin Paris comes and tells her that Romeo is on his way. Rosaline is happy, & she looks out the window but finds him going in another direction. Suspicious, she follows him & finds him climbing onto Juliet’s balcony and repeating the words he used to lớn tell her. Heartbroken, she makes her way back home, but she’s in for a rude shock. Juliet is her cousin và is assigned khổng lồ spend the summer with her. One particular day, when she confesses lớn her in confidence that she is in love with someone, Rosaline pretends that she has guessed it to be Romeo. She tells her khổng lồ start living her life and not sit around waiting for the town’s Casanova. Sound advice if you ask us. She takes Juliet bar hopping, where she once again runs into Dario, who makes it clear that he is a lot different from what she had imagined him to lớn be. Either way, Rosaline & Juliet’s friendship deepens as they spend more time together.

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In the meantime, the former keeps writing letters khổng lồ Romeo, but he has effectively ghosted her. She finds herself wanting khổng lồ tell Juliet the truth và goes to vì chưng so but finds that Romeo has been writing to her. Just then, he once again makes an appearance near the balcony. Juliet seemingly wants him khổng lồ go away, and with Rosaline’s help, he manages that. However, she comes lớn know that Rosaline is his ex. Once the truth comes out, she regrets her actions of having let him go và decides lớn not be friends with her cousin anymore.

A dejected Rosaline makes her way back but comes up with another plan. She asks her gay cousin Paris lớn get engaged to Juliet. This way, she will be out of the way, và Paris will have a cover. It all goes as planned, but Juliet is not one lớn sit idle. She sets out lớn marry Romeo on the night of her engagement party. When Rosaline comes lớn know this, she sets out to lớn stop her and, once again, meets Dario. She asks for his help in crossing the forest & tells him the entire story of what has happened. They don’t manage to stop the secret wedding, but at the kết thúc of the night, they are a lot more familiar with each other. Once she gets back home, Rosaline writes a letter lớn Juliet apologizing for her actions. But as luck would have it, the letter falls into the hands of her cousin, Tybalt. We know how that goes. A duel và death. Romeo is banished, và Juliet is set lớn marry Paris at dawn. Rosaline wants to make things right again and asks Dario to help her. Both of them go to meet Juliet in her quarters, where our little genius has come up with the plan for the toàn thân paralysis drug. She’s already taken it when they reach it, & now Rosaline is trying to lớn help her, but it ends up looking like she has poisoned her cousin. Dario seemingly escapes, & Rosaline is put behind bars. She asks her father to help her, & he does so while mentioning that she is the daughter he had hoped for. Sweet moment Adrian.

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‘Rosaline’ Ending Explained: Does Rosaline Manage to Save Romeo and Juliet?

After conquering her fear of fish & coming to lớn know that Romeo hasn’t received the message about Juliet’s plan, she makes her way khổng lồ the church where they are supposed to be there. For a split second, she believes that she is too late, but Dario has saved the day, & Romeo is alive. When she notices that the parents are about lớn come, she tells Romeo to lớn play dead. Upon seeing their children’s dead bodies, the Motagues & Capulets fly into a fit of rage before being schooled by Rosaline và their wives into a pact of friendship. As luck would have it, Juliet wakes up right then & expertly reads the room. She pretends lớn take the poison from Romeo’s lips and fakes her death once more. Now, the Monatgues và Capulets are friends; their children are “dead,” và it is a new dawn in Verona. After seeing Romeo và Juliet in the sunset, Rosaline & Dario kiss. They lượt thích each other, & it is a happy ending for everyone, almost. In a post-credits’ scene, we see that Romeo và Juliet are struggling to have a conversation as they have nothing in common with each other. What else could be expected when all one can vị is recite sonnets, & the other is still a child? That was the real tragedy of their love story, but the story wasn’t about them now, or was it?

Final Thoughts: Where Does The Film Miss The Mark?

We can tell that the writers’ intention was lớn show a jilted lover coming into her own. But their reluctance to lớn break away from the Romeo and Juliet storyline ruined it for us. Romeo was a guy who fell in love with someone the day after he confessed his feelings khổng lồ another. He also did not have the decency khổng lồ have a clear conversation with Rosaline. How did neither of the women chú ý that? Rosaline wasn’t wrong when she pointed out that Romeo was a no-good idiot. There was some internalized misogyny in Juliet, but considering that she was still a child, could we have expected her khổng lồ break away from the conditioning yet?

Also, where was the independence & adventure that both women seemed to want so badly? There are too many movies being made about a woman needing heartbreak to “find herself,” which, more often than not, means finding the right man. We don’t mind that these are not feminists by any means, but can they at least stop pretending to lớn be? The movie was alright, but it would have been a lot better if it had not tried so hard lớn be something it was not. An okay-ish watch where the costumes are better than the characters. We don’t care much for it, except for Dario, who can keep our hearts with him forever.