Is It Correct To Ask 'How Long Have You Been Learning English For?' Or Is It Correct Without 'For'?


Bạn đang xem: Is it correct to ask 'how long have you been learning english for?' or is it correct without 'for'?

I HAVE BEEN LEARNING AFTER JOINING THE In school days, I have not learned more than what I learned on the, then I started improve by writing comments in the Facebook.

Hello there. I have been learning for about 15 years, and I think I have quite a high level of it. I’ve been using different methods in learning languages. When learning, I used to watch different movies, series and shows and reading in WITHOUT SUBTITLES (because they distruct my attention from the audio) Also I used special apps like Duolingo and went to schools, where teachers could explain me the main grammar rules. was kinda easy for me, I’m learning Italian now and it’s much harder (IDK why). I’ve been living in Italy for a year and a half and I went to Italian Language school and at least I could understand how to use the language and started apeaking a little. I also want to start learning German in the nearest future.

Nice question for me to answer. I have been learning through ETN/Best for 10 years. I have suffered a lot when I joined the, since I studied in Tamil Medium in my school days. Then I found the Form in the online free course, and joined the That time my Coach and even my Coach and Guru, Sir Torston and Sir Alan. They trained me to practice TOEIC listening Exercises and Sir Alan’s Essays, which helped me a lot to learn, still I love to attend TOEIC listening Exercise, which would improve our (Written, Spoken, Reading …) we can also improve our vocabulary. So we can have total satisfaction in learning which we cannot get it through watching movies. Wish you all the best.

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As for me, I have been learning since around 1980 and this job will keep me busy way beyond 2050. (Hopefully


I’ve been learning for about 6 years already. It’s quite a tough process for me, so I use professional tutor help at studenterra dot com. It helps a lot and gives me a lot of opportunities, for example, I now can learn how to speak fluently.l

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Hi Nasatya, welcome to our Please tell us a little more about yourself. Where are you from and why do you want to improve your

I’ve been learning for the past 20 years and still trying to keep myself updated. From my own experience the best way to learn is to watch movies with subtitles, listen to audiobooks, and of course to read regular books, especially short stories and novels. Currently, I am reading this book

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