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Greatness as youSmallest as meYou show me what is deep as seaA little love, little kissA litlle hug, little giftAll of little something. These are our memoriesYou make me cry, Make me smile, Make me feel that love is true... You always stand by my side, I don"t want to lớn say goodbye.You make me cry, Make me smile, Make me feel the joy of love.Oh! Kissing you... Thank you for all the love you always give to lớn me, Oh! I love you... (* Repeat from the beginning * 01 time)Yes I do, I always do... Make me cry, Make me smileMake me feel that love is trueYou always stand by my sideI don"t want khổng lồ say goodbye.You make me cry, Make me smile, Make me feel the joy of loveOh! Kissing you... Thank you for all the love you always give to me, Oh! I love you... To be with you... Oh! I love you...
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