I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

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1. A. Wanted B. Washed C. Worked D. Stopped

2. A. Cycled B. Stayed C. Decided D. Played

3. A. who B. when C. where D. what

4. A. Watched B. Danced C. Walked D. Bored

5. A. Needed B. Decided C. Played D. Wanted

6. A. Provided B. Started C. Worked D. Decided

7. A. Closed B. Played C. Stopped D. Stayed

8. A. whole B. why C. what D. when

9. A. Called B. Waited C. Played D. Loved

10. A. Looked B. Lived C. Laughed D. Watched

11. A. Started B. Decided C. Worked D. Waited

12. A. Played B. Closed C. Filled D. Needed

13. A. Frightened B. Amazed C. Disappointed D. Terrified

14. A. Thread B. Beam C. Breath D. Stead

15. A. Naked B. Booked C. Worked D. Walked

II. Find the word which has different sound in the part underlined.

1. A. Brainstorm

B. Sailing

C. Railway

D. Captain

2. A. Plane

B. Safety

C. Traffic

D. Station

3. A. Vehicle

B. Mention

C. Enter

D. Helicopter

4. A. hey

B. honey

C. Obey

D. Grey

5. A. Happy

B. House

C. Here

D. Hour

6. A. Maps

B. Papers

C. Cats

D. Books

7. A. Pollution

B. Question

C. Education

D. Action

8. A. Healthy

B. Ahead

C. Bread

D. Seatbelt

9. A. Those

B. There

C. That

D. Thanks

10. A. Walked

B. Opened

C. Stopped

D. Watched

11. A. Sound B. Cloud C. Found D. Favourite

12. A. Tool B. Afternoon C. Door D. School

13. A. Played B. Closed C. Filled D. Needed

14. A. Mention B. Question C. Kích hoạt D. Education

15. A. Frightened B. Amazed C. Disappointed D. Terrified

16. A. Thread B. Beam C. Breath D. Stead

17. A. Parade B. Waste C. Later D. Gravy

18. A. Populated B. Loaded C. Wanted D. Lived

19. A. Ahead B. Bread C. Pleasant D. Seatbelt

20. A. Energy B. Flying C. Chemistry D. Technology.

21. A. Naked B. Cooked C. Booked D. Walked

22. A. Ways B. Days C. Says D. Stays

23. A. Obey B. Key C. Grey D. Survey

24. A. Stayed B. Washed C. Filled D. Annoyed

25. A. Who B. When C. Where D. What

26. A. Embarrassed B. Crowded C. Excited D. Divided

27. A. Ahead B. Instead C. Seatbelt D. Bread

28. A. Left B. Centre C. Enter D. Frighten

29. A. Wanted B. Filled C. Stayed D. Played

30. A. Washed B. Needed C. Danced D. Matched

III. Find the word which has different áp lực pattern from the others.

1.A. Silent B. Noisy C. Pretty D. Polite

2. A. Station B. Season C. Sandal D. Police

3.A. Agree B. Hurry C. Enter D. Visit

4.A. Describe B. Fasten C. Listen D. Hover

5.A. Degree B. Student C. Funny D. Widen

6.A. Traffic B. Dancer C. Cycling D. Balloon

7. A. Central B. Gripping C. Complete D. Boring

8.A. Answer B. Listen C. Enter D. Obey

9.A. Station B. Healthy C. Safety D. Alone

10.A. Tidy B. Complete C. Extend D. Mistake

11. A. Dangerous B. Plentiful C. Another D. Limited

12. A. Easily B. Energy C. Consumption D. Negative

13.A. Convenient B. Abundant C. Different D. Expensive

14.A. Petroleum B. Advantage C. Tendency D. Enormous

15.A. Attention B. Pollution C. Holiday D. Effective


Question I: Choose the correct answer to lớn complete each following sentence by circling A, B, C or D.

1.Nam used khổng lồ ________ morning exercise when he got up early.

A. Did B. Does C. Doing D. Do

2. My father __________the bus to work every day, but I cycle.

A. Catches B. Drives C. Goes D. Runs

3. I go to lớn school __________ bike.

A. By B. On C. In D. From

4. Traffic accidents can be prevented if people __________ the rules.

A. Remember B. Obey C. Go after D. Take care of

5. You should look right and left when you go ________the road.

A. Down B. Across C. Up D. Along

6. Bus is the main public ________in Viet Nam.

A. Travel B. Tricycle C. Transport D. Vehicle

7. The play was so boring. ________, Hoa saw it from beginning khổng lồ end.

A. Therefore B. Despite C. However D. Although

8. She’s sure that they will find the film_________.

A. Entertaining B. Entertain C. Entertainment D. Entertained

9. ____________ being frightened by the images, Lan still liked the film so much.

A. In spite B. Despite C. Although D. Nevertheless

10. __________ the story of the film was good, I didn’t like the acting.

A. Because B. Since C. As D. Although

11. The play was so boring. ________, An saw it from beginning khổng lồ end.

A. Therefore B. Despite C. However D. Although

12. – “ vì chưng you like seeing a film?” – “_________________”

A. No, I don’t lượt thích it at all B. Sure. What film shall we see?

C. Who is in it? D. I’m sorry, I can’t.

13. ____________ is La Tomatina celebrated? – Every August.

A. Where B. Why C. When D. Which

14. My father liked the ____________ of that singer.

A. Perform B. Performer C. Performance D. Performing

15. ____________ is not very far from here to lớn the harbour.

A.There B. It C. This D.That

16.The boys _______ home for lunch because they are planning khổng lồ visit the hydro power nguồn station.

A. have not come B. do not come C. will not be coming D. is not coming

17.It is going khổng lồ rain any minute now. The children ___________ in the rain.

A. is being caught B. will be caught C. is caught D. are caught

18.They ___________ a chạy thử tomorrow; we don’t want khổng lồ disturb them.

A. will be having B. will have C. have D. had

19.They ___________ that we have gone without telling them.

A. thought B. are thinking C. will be thinking D. think

20. The sun & the wind are other ____________sources of energy.

A. Alternative B. Renewable C. Non-renewable D. Nuclear

21.We _____ solar panels in the schoolyard while you are checking cracks in the water pipes.

A. have put B. will be putting C. will put D. put

22.At 7.00 tomorrow, you ___________ to school.

A .cycle B. will cycle C. will be cycling D. will be cycled

23.Solar energy ___________ by many countries in the world in the future.

A. use B. will use C. will be using D. will be used

24.At this time tomorrow, I ________ an interview.

A. Will be having B. Will have C. Had D. Have

25. Coal is a __________ energy.

A. Nuclear B. Solar C. Biogas D. Natural

26. We should __________ low energy light bulbs.

A. Use B. Using C. Used D. To lớn use

27. The wind turns __________ to lớn make electricity.

A. Fans B. Leaves C. Turbines D. Kites

28. We ________ an English test tomorrow.

A. Will have B. Have C. Has D. Had

29. Solar energy will ________ lớn solve the problem of energy shortage.

A. Use B. Be used C. Used D. Using

30.You should turn ________ the lights when leaving the rooms.

A. On B. Off C. Right D. Left

II. Put the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1.Nam often ( play) ________________________ soccer in the afternoon.

2.My father used lớn (go) _____________________swimming when he was a child.

3.What about ( go) ____________________ to lớn the zoo on Sunday evening ?

4. Tien Dung goalkeeper ( live ) _____________________ Thanh Hoa thành phố since 1997.

5.I used to ( go) ____________________ to lớn the zoo on Sundays when I was a child.

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6.Xuan Truong footballer ( play) _____________________ soccer beautifully last Saturday.

7.Nam used khổng lồ (go) _____________________fishing when he was a child.

8.They (learn ) _____________________ English for five years.

9.How about ( go) ____________________ lớn the zoo on Sunday evening ?

10.Quang hai footballer ( play) ________________________ soccer beautifully last Saturday.

11.I ( meet ) ______________________ her at the movie theater last night.

12.He ( go ) ___ lớn the English club every Sunday. But last Sunday he ( not go ) ________ there, he went lớn the City’s museum.

13.Two years ago, she ( teach ) ______________________ at a village school.

14.What __________you (do) ____________ yesterday morning?

15.We ( travel ) ______________________ lớn Hue next month.

16.My mother ( not like ) ______________________ riding a motorbike.

17.When my father was young, he (drink ) _____________________ a lot of beer.

18.Nam ( study ) ______________________ homework in the living room now.

19.Be careful ! The car ( come ) ______________________ .

20.My mother ( go ) ______________________ lớn the supermarket yesterday evening.

21.Nam ( play) ________________________ soccer tomorrow.

22. By 2020, people in Viet nam (spend) _____________________ a lot of money on heating.

23. What_____________we (do ) ____________________ khổng lồ save electricity, Dad ?

We will watch less TV.

24. At 10 o’clock tomorrow he ( work ) _____________________ in his office.

25. My father ( visit ) ____________________ khổng lồ Ha Long cất cánh next week.

26.At 5 o’clock tomorrow phái mạnh ( play) ________________________football with his friends.

27.They ( build) _____________________ their house this time next week.

28. At 8 a.m tomorrow, my sister (learn ) _____________________ English with her friends.

29.Ba ( buy ) ____________________ a new house tomorrow.

30.We ( build) ________________________ a hydro power nguồn station in this area next month.



I. Read the following text carefully and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each of the gap.

When you are in Hong Kong, you can go about (1) _________taxi , by bus, or by underground.

I myself prefer the underground (2) ______ it is fast, easy and cheap. There are (3) ______ buses và taxis in Singapore & one cannot drive along the road (4) ______ & without many stops, especially on the Monday morning. The underground is therefore usually quicker (5) _______ taxis or buses. If you bởi not know Singapore very well, it is difficult (6) _______ the bus you want. You can take a taxi , but it is (7) _______ expensive than the underground or a bus . On the underground, you find good maps that tell you the names of the stations & show you how to lớn get to lớn them, so that it is easy (8) _______ your way.

1. A. At B. In C. By

2. A. But B. Because C. When

3. A. Many B. A lot C. Few

4. A. Quick B. Quickly C. Quicker

5. A. So B. Like C. Than

6. A. Khổng lồ find B. Find C. Finding

7. A. Less B. More C. Most

8. A. To find B. Find C. Finding

II. Read the following text carefully và choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each of the gap.

Ewan McGregor was (1)_____ in Scotland in 1971. He decided to lớn be an (2)______ when he was only nine & he (3)_____his first film in 1992. So far in his career he has appeared (4)_____ a lot of different types of films, including comedies, musical, dramas và the Star Wars movies. In his career Ewan has worked with lượt thích actresses Cameron Diaz và Nicole Kidman, và his films have won lots of awards. He loves acting and when he finished (5)_______ the musical, Moulin Rouge, he said, “I have never been happier to do anything in my life”.

1. A. Bear B. Born C. Bearing D. To bear

2. A. Acting B. Actress C. Actor D. Action

3. A. Made B. Played C. Worked D. Starred

4. A. At B. On C. With D. In

5. A. Khổng lồ film B. Filmed C. Film D. Filming

III. Read the passage và choose the best answer.

Yesterday, on the way home from school, I saw an accident. A boy was run over by a xe taxi when he was riding his bicycle. The boy’s leg was broken and it was bleeding badly. Someone there tried to stop the bleeding. They put pressure on it & held it tight. A man used his di động phone to điện thoại tư vấn the emergency service. Some minutes later, an ambulance arrived & sent the boy khổng lồ the hospital. Two policemen came to lớn the scene immediately. Some people told the police that the xe taxi was driving at a very high tốc độ when the accident happened. Some others began talking about the traffic accidents these days & blamed the increasing number of accidents on the roads for careless driving & drunk drivers.

1. What did the writer see yesterday?

A. A fire B. An accident C. A fighting D. A crash

2. The accident happened between a taxi and…………….

A. A bus B. A oto C. A bicycle D. A motorbike

3. The boy was sent khổng lồ the hospital by…………….

A. A police B. A car C. An ambulance D. A passenger

4. What part of his body was hurt? – His………………..

A. Arm B. Leg C. Head D. Shoulder

5. How was the driver driving when the accident happened? – Very…………….

A. Slowly B. Fast C. Carefully D. Well

IV. Read the text và answer the questions:

Titanic is a lãng mạn film, which was directed by James Cameron. However, it’s also about a disaster. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet.

The film is about the sinking of the ship Titanic on its first voyage. The main characters are Jack Dawson & Rose Dewitt Bukater. Jack saves Rose from killing herself during the journey on board the ship. Although they are from different social classes, and Rose is already engaged, they fall in love. The film has a sad ending: the Titanic sinks and more than a thousand people die in the disaster, including Jack.

Critics say it is a must-see. I agree because the story is moving & the acting is excellent. The special effects, visuals và music are also incredible.

1. What kind of film is Titanic?


2. Who does Titanic star?


3. What is Titanic about?


4. How is the ending of Titanic?


5.What vày critics say about Titanic ?


V. Read the passage & decide if the statement is True or False.

In Britain, the climate is not very good. There are very few hot days & it rains a lot. Because of this, people spend a lot of time at home. Generally, British homes have a lot of furniture in them, carpets on the floors & heavy curtains.

Many houses in Britain are old. Many of them are over one hundred years old. Often, they bởi vì not have enough insulation & the heat goes out through the windows, the doors & up the chimney.

Because of the climate, people in Britain have khổng lồ send a lot of money on heating. Many houses have special system called “central heating”. The heats all the rooms and, at the same time, heats the hot water. Houses without central heating often have gas, electric or coal fires. The rooms in most British houses are quite small.

New houses are much better. They have two layers of glass in the windows to stop the heat going out.

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1. Why do British people spend a lot of time at trang chủ ?

A. Because the climate is not very good. B. Because they don’t know where khổng lồ go

C. Because the climate is very good. D. Because they want khổng lồ stay at home

2. The heat goes out of the houses through ________________________.

A. The windows , the doors and up the chimney B. The windows and up the chimney

C. The doors & up the chimney D. The walls & up the chimney

3. Because of _________ , people in Britain have to lớn spend a lot of money on heating